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Push the snow don’t lift it

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Its winter time again and you know what that means, snow and snow shovelling. If you think about it a clearing your driveway of a heavy snowfall is a strenuous workout, how many of you would warm up before a strenuous workout? Most I’d bet,  but how many of us would think to warm up before we shovel the snow? Not many. So treat the snow shovelling like your workout, that way you can skip the gym that day. Do a simple warm up, jumping jacks, short walk followed by some stretching before you start.

Pace yourself, don’t wait for the snow to stop before you shovel, get out several times rather than trying to do it all at once.

Push the snow don’t lift it.

Bend  your knees and use the strong arm, leg and butt muscles instead of the lower back muscles, keep the curve in your lower back.

Dress in layers, rest when you need to.

Or hire a teenager to do it for you and watch from the comfort of the indoors.

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