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Chiropractic Care Pickering

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Why Chiropractic Care?

Our chiropractic care and treatments in Pickering are an effective way to address many problems that people can experience with their muscles, bones, and joints. But you don’t have to have an issue or be in persistent pain to see a chiropractor. They can help you at many other times to improve your posture, flexibility and mobility, so you can live your best life.

Through a combination of expert manual therapies, and other evidence-based techniques, Drs. Finn, Camilleri and Monaco, Your Pickering Chiropractors – will help to relieve pains, aches and stiffness, with the aim to restore your mobility and functionality as quickly and effectively as possible.

To help get patients feeling their best, Drs. Finn, Camilleri and Monaco also incorporate other healing modalities into their practices, such as exercise prescription, soft tissue therapies, laser-light therapy, acupuncture, ultrasound, and other electromodalities.

Chiropractic treatments are generally not painful, although you might experience some minor aches after your first few sessions. This is a fairly common reaction – it is just your body getting used to the treatment that will ultimately deliver excellent mobility and improved overall health. If you experience any discomfort during or after treatment, Your Pickering Chiropractors are always willing to work with you and accommodate your individual treatment preferences to ensure you attain the best results.

Your Pickering Chiropractors:
Why Choose Us

If you want your chiropractic care to provide the desired effects on your body, you need to select a trusted, experienced, and compassionate professional like Dr. Kevin Finn.

Founder and owner of Your Pickering Chiropractors, Dr. Finn has been providing top-quality chiropractic care to Pickering residents since 1997. Holding a degree in Physical and Health Education from the University of Toronto, Dr. Finn went on to become a Doctor of Chiropractic Care with a degree from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College.

Dr. Finn combines his extensive experience, up-to-date knowledge of chiropractic care, and advanced techniques with a personable, relaxed, and welcoming attitude, always aiming to create a positive, encouraging atmosphere for every patient – including those who are new to chiropractic care.

When you visit Your Pickering Chiropractors, you will immediately be greeted by a modern, clean, and spacious office, located right in the heart of Pickering. Open six days a week and catering to all types of patients, ages, and muscular or joint issues, we look forward to welcoming you and helping you achieve your best possible health, for life.

Your First Chiropractic Visit with Us

The purpose of your initial visit is to help the chiropractor better understand your current health and identify the cause of your chief complaint. This visit typically lasts 30-60 minutes where Drs. Finn, Camilleri or Monaco will ask you to provide detailed family medical history, identify any pre-existing medical conditions or other prior injuries, as well as any previous (and current) treatments that you may have received from other health practitioners.

They will follow up with a thorough physical examination of the area of concern. This focused exam can include observing posture and movement, assessing range of motion, and performing neurological and orthopedic tests to better diagnose the problem. Your Pickering Chiropractors may also perform additional tests such as examining blood pressure, pulse and gait, or refer you for X-Rays if and when needed.

These tests simply involve moving parts of your body in a specific way, as well as analyzing your posture and the motion range of any affected body parts.

After they have gathered all the necessary information, Drs. Finn, Camilleri or Monaco will be able to better assess your situation, diagnose your specific condition, and recommend your individualized treatment plan. If, based on your initial assessment, the chiropractor believes that your condition would be more appropriately treated by another health care professional, they may refer you to your family physician and work alongside your health care team to get you better. For more information about chiropractic care in Pickering please phone us today.



What Conditions Can Chiropractic Care Help with?

Your Pickering Chiropractors can help you address and relieve problems such as:

With Your Pickering Chiropractors, your health is in good hands

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Rebecca Knight
Rebecca Knight
October 16, 2020.
My family and I have been seeing Dr. Finn for almost 5 years and he is absolutely fantastic. He is very professional, friendly and takes time to understand your concerns. His staff are great too. I can't enough good things about Dr. Finn, highly recommend him!
Yoyo Uptown
Yoyo Uptown
October 3, 2019.
Before Dr. Finn I've never been to a chiropractor before. I was in a car accident and went to physiotherapy for months and came out still in pain. I started seeing Dr. Finn for my shoulder injury and for the 1st time in over a year I started feeling relief. He's one of the nicest Dr's I've ever encountered and I refer everyone there as soon as I get an opportunity. Even if I haven't been there in a while, I get a call checking up on me. AMAZING AMAZING DR.