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With spring finally here a lot of you myself included are looking forward to getting out on your bike. Nothing beats having the wind at your back as you go for a ride.

Now I know when we were young we didn’t wear bike helmets so why would I wear one now? Good question,  we also thought the world was flat and  that bed rest was good for back pain, things that are totally counter-intuitive now.

You’ve got a head worth protecting and no matter where you ride whether on the road, the mountain bike trails,( ) BMX Park  ( or just the local bike path, you should wear a helmet to protect your skull, head injuries are no fun.

Now a bike helmet no matter how expensive or cushiony will not prevent a concussion, but a concussion is better than a skull fracture.

Hopefully I’ve convinced you that a bike helmet is a good idea, where do you go from here? Do you need to spent lots of $$$$, for a helmet?

The short answer is no, inexpensive helmets have the same safety rating as more expensive ones, a concept opposite to motorcycle helmets. The added cost usually comes with better fit, more adjustability, graphics, better ventilation, visors etc.

Once you find a helmet that you like, the fit is very important it should sit so that most of your forehead is covered, a finger’s breadth or two above the eyebrows. The chin strap must be buckled, but not the same way a NHL hockey player’s chin strap flops around it should only have a finger width between your chin and the strap. The strap will form a triangle that point to the floor.

A helmet is garbage if you’ve fallen and hit your head, or is more than 6 years old, get a new one.

Enjoy the summer on two wheels, see you on the trails.

For more tips check Durham Public Health

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